Salsa - Basic Steps

Okay like I said yesterday, I had big plans to make videos and teach you salsa myself but there was a little two foot Colombian with other ideas.

Thank goodness for the internet!

Below I picked out a video that teaches the basic step and a basic turn. This is all you need to know to get out there and have fun! This couple also has a fun iphone app you can download if you are into that sort of thing. You can find more info here.

A side note before you start your lesson. In the US most of the Salsa taught is with a basic step that goes front to back. In Colombia the basic step is almost always danced Cumbia style which is side to side in a circular motion. This difference can be confusing for Colombians when they are outside of Colombia and difficult for foreigners who are bewildered when they go out dancing in Cali. The two styles though are almost exactly the same. The best way to explain this difference is American English vs. British English, they are essentially the same but the slight difference is noticeable and can lead to confusion.

In the future I hope I can get my little dictator to agree to let me make you all a "How to dance Cumbia style Colombian salsa" video. Until then just know any basic step you learn will make it easier to learn other styles because the hard part about salsa is the syncopated rythmn. Once you wrap your head around any style it's extremely easy to learn the others. I can dance On 1, On 2, Colombian style, Cuban style etc etc etc :)

Tomorrow I'll be back with Five awesome Colombian salsa songs. Until then, have fun dancing!-Emily


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