Corralejas de Sincelejo

This comes from my better late than never file. Last week, I forgot to post about an event that is considered an official part of Colombia's Cultural Heritage -- the Corralejas de Sincelejo.

For those of you who don't know, Sincelejo is the Capital of the Department of Sucre in the Caribbean region of Colombia. However, don't let the word Caribbean confuse you. Sincelejo is NOT on the Coast. It is located in the interior of the Department on the sweltering plains of Sucre. This part of Colombia is well-known for its cattle. Which leads us nicely, to the Corralejas.

The word Corraleja comes from the word Corral -- yep, the round fenced in place where you keep cattle. In this case, it is a round fenced in place with make shift bleachers for the crowd that is going to watch the main event. And what is that event, wait hold on a second, you need some more background.

In most of the Spanish speaking world, a Corrida de Toros (Bullfights) is held in a nice stadium with more classy surroundings. It is, after all, considered an art form. But, then again, anything can be considered art, and I recognize that not everyone is supportive of Bullfighting.

By contrast, a Corraleja is an improvised Bullfight. Rather than well trained, fancy clothed bullfighters, you will see just about anyone -- brave enough or drunk enough -- get into the bullring.

Here is a video so that you can see what transpires at the Festival. Please note, this is still a Bullfight and Animals are harmed in this video:


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