Nombre de Perro

So, almost ten years ago, when we called home with the joyous news that our first son was finally in our arms, the first question that we were asked was "What are you going to name him?"

After having agonized over the name selection for months, we had finally decided on Mateo. It is the Spanish name for Matthew. It means "Gift of God", and we certainly felt that is what he was. However, we were shocked by my brother-in-law's response. "Mateo. Es un nombre de perro." (It's a dog's name.) I admit that I felt a little offended, and for that matter, so did my mother-in-law who responded, "Es un nombre muy bueno. Es un nombre de un Apostol. Nadie debe poner un nombre de un Santo a un perro!" (It is a very good name. It is a name of an Apostle. No one should give a name of a Saint to a dog."

I appreciated my suegra's support for our name choice and ignored my cuñado's comment. I was happy to see that many other Colombia families like the name Mateo too, enough to make it # 7 on the list of most popular names. But I had to laugh when while in Colombia we saw the following flyer. Don't people know that you don't name a dog after a Apostle? :)


Anonymous said…
what happened to colombian daddy's weekly post???
I was looking forward to it this week and he never posted it.

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