Strangest Colombian Names -- Part 3

I have, on previous occasions, written about the plethora of strange names that can be found in Colombia. This year there are 1,691,862 Colombianos (about 4 % of the entire population of the country) with names that are completely unique to them. Though, I am not sure that this is something to boast about. Here are some SUPER examples that come straight from the lists at the Registraduria Nacional:






Mingris Mengris

To this list of unique names, you can also add the OFFICIALLY longest first names in Colombia.

Female: Adriana Clemencia del Corazón de Jesús y de la Santísima Trinidad

Male: Fabio Augusto Luis Felipe de Gonzaga y San Mauricio.

Unfortunately, these two have 2 additional names that aren't listed -- their last names. Try learning to write that in Kindergarten :)


Anonymous said…
And where might the list be? Have you come across or seen the name Navalth?

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