What month were you born in?

Vacaciones -- the name given to the Christmas holiday season when children get out of school at the end of November and return in February. But, the season seems to spark more than just goodwill and Christmas spirit. According to statistics recently released by the Registraduría Nacional ... it also seems to be a great time to plan (or not plan as the case may be) your pregnancy. Apparently, September is the month when the most babies are always born.

There are 960,109 Colombianos who celebrate their birthdays in September, and another 933,264 in October. February is the month with the least births.

When I read this, I had to laugh. Long ago, we noticed that the overwhelming majority of people in my husband's family were born in September -- including Colombian Daddy himself.

Just an interesting statistic for your next game of Colombian Trivial Pursuit.


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