Most Common First Names in Colombia -- Male

Just when you thought that the series on names had ended, there are two more posts coming your way. This time, rather than the most common first names for children born within the last 10 years, it is the most common first names in Colombia --- period.

For men, the most common first name among all ages in Colombia is........

  1. JOSÉ -- with 1,679,871 men sporting this name.
  2. Luis
  3. Carlos
  4. Juan
  5. Jorge
  6. Pedro
  7. Jesús
  8. Manuel
  9. Oscar
  10. Miguel

In Bogotá, John, Diego, and Jaime made the top 10 replacing Jesús, Manuel, and Miguel.

In Medellín, it was Jhon, Francisco, and Jaime.

In Cali, it was Diego, John, and Andrés.

In Barranquilla, the names Rafael and Julio replace Jesús and Oscar.


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