Most Common First Names in Colombia -- Female

Continuing with the theme, here are the most common names among all Colombian women.

  1. María -- with 2, 654, 835 women in Colombia sharing this name.
  2. Luz -- with only 790, 323 women sharing this name.
  3. Ana
  4. Sandra
  5. Rosa
  6. Martha
  7. Carmen
  8. Diana
  9. Gloria
  10. Blanca
In Bogotá, Claudia replaces Diana on the top 10 list.

In Medellín, the list looks exactly the same as the national list, with just Claudia replacing Gloria.

In Cali, Claudia replaces Blanca.

In Barranquilla, Olga and Claudia replace Blanca and Gloria in the top 10.


Kyle said…
Great fun fact yet Surprising. Every girl I know in Colombia is either named Paola, Andrea, Leidy, Jhoana, Natalia or some combination/variarition of those names.

Props for the research.
Anna said…

A lot of Colombian women and girls seem to be named Olga or Tatiana. I always thought those names were Russian. I'm curious if there is any history behind?

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