Most Popular Combined Names in Colombia -- Male

Today and tomorrow will mark the end of our series on names. Here goes. Combined names are very popular in Colombia. When you say combined names you are really saying -- first and middle names. However, unlike here in the states, many people in Colombia use both names all the time.

They may use them together: For example, I have a brother-in-law named Julio Cesar. While he is often referred to as Julio, he is just as often referred to as Julio Cesar -- and not just when momma is angry :). "Is Julio Cesar coming?" "What's the news from Julio Cesar?" etc.

Combined names may be used separately at different times: Let me illustrate. I have a nephew named Oscar Leonardo. He has been called Oscar and Leonardo (often Leo) at different times, and sometimes at the same family gathering I have heard some people call him Oscar, while others call him Leonardo. The names are interchangeable.

Names can be combined to make a new moniker: Take the name Juan Esteban. This can be combined to make Juanes -- yes, this is where Juanes, the Colombian rock star got his name from.

Now, here is the top 10 list for male combined names in Colombia.

  1. Juan Carlos -- 153,176 Colombians share this name.
  2. Luis Alberto
  3. Carlos Alberto
  4. Luis Eduardo
  5. Luis Fernando
  6. Julio Cesar (Julius Caesar)
  7. Miguel Angel (Michelangelo)
  8. Luis Carlos
  9. José Antonio
  10. Carlos Arturo
While this list reflects the names most popular throughout the country, there are some regional differences in the top 10.

In Bogotá, the names Jorge Enrique, Carlos Andrés, and Carlos Julio replace Luis Carlos, José Antonio and Carlos Arturo on the top 10 list.

In Medellín, after the top three names, the list looks quite different.
  1. Luis Fernando
  2. Juan Carlos
  3. Carlos Alberto
  4. Carlos Mario
  5. John Jairo (often spelled Jhon Jairo)
  6. Andrés Felipe
  7. Juan David
  8. Luis Eduardo
  9. Juan Camilo
  10. Rubén Dario
In Cali, the name Diego Fernando is #3 and Andrés Felipe and Jorge Enrique are included.

In Barranquilla, Jorge Luis, José Luis, and Jorge Eliécer are all top ten.


Dan and Karen said…
Interesting information. Our Juan Pablo has always been that and does not want it to be shortened to just Juan or Pablo, although Juan would sure be quicker to say when I'm calling all three of them!
Kyle said…
I love this blog and its great fun facts! I think how it's unique in Colombia how both first names often get shortened and combined in affectionate nicknames such as Luifer, Juanpa, Jaunda, Jhonfre,Juanca Luise. I'm not sure if this is purely out of affection or laziness or a Colombian combination of both.

There are also a lot of interesting nicknames for names such as how guys named Felipe are called Pipe and Sergios are called Checho

Keep up the great blogging!
Anonymous said…
Both me and my husband were born in Colombia so when adopting a Colombian kid that would grew up in America we wanted a name that would "make sense" in both countries. I find that a lot of Colombians raising children in America do the same. Here are some suggestions for boys: Sebastian, Thomas, David. For girls: Angela, Andrea, Ana.

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