Myths for Monday -- La Patasola

In the department of Atlántico, as well as in other departments, people tell tales of having seen La Patasola (the One Legged Woman). Like the Sayona and the Mancarita, it is one of the many myths that portray scary, monstrous women who are out to trap hapless men.

When a victim sees the Patasola, they will see what appears to be an extremely beautiful and seductive woman -- from the waist up. From the waist down, she has one, single leg -- hence the word Pata (leg) sola (alone). In Black Widow type fashion, she is looking for mate that she can devour.

Some stories say that she calls out to a passing man, begging for his help. Then, as the man approaches, he becomes enchanted by her beauty, and follows her deeper into the forest. As they walk, she begins to change. Her hair becomes matted and snarled. Her mouth large and teeth sharp and long. Her eyes look like those of a tiger and sometimes are reported to glow.

The poor man, that is drunken with love, then becomes the helpless victim of the vampire like Patasola. She will attack him, drink his blood and eat his flesh. (I know, creepy. Makes the headless horseman seem so tame. :))


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