TUNES FOR TUESDAY -- Songs Most Colombians Will Recognize #3

Back by popular demand (ok, my sister called), here is my pick for this week’s Songs-Most-Colombians-Will-Recognize:

Las Cabañuelas -- The Latin Brothers

The meaning of the word Cabañuela (cavanuelas, cabanuelas) requires a separate detailed post. For now, a Cabañuela is a prediction of the weather for a particular month based on what the weather is like during the first month of the year.

That sounds strange because it is strange, and difficult to do too. So the author of the song writes:

I took my paint brush and my water colors
to paint the cabañuelas,
But since it is impossible to portray weather
I painted the rainbow, and the sky
all just to remind me of you, if only for a moment.

A masterful piece of Latin Charm. If that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is!

The singer here is John Jairo Murillo, a great voice, born in Turbo, Antioquia, and who passed away in 2009 in Cartagena. He sang many of Latin Brothers’ hits and went off to form his own bands.

Latin Brothers shares its origins with Fruko. These two bands shared members and big names in Colombia such as Joe Arroyo, Gabino Pampini, Juan Carlos Coronel, and Joseito Martinez, among others. But my personal favorite member of Latin Brothers is the eccentric and talented musician, Piper Pimienta (Edulfamid Molina Díaz. Yeah, I’d go by Piper too). He’s the one in the black suit in the video. When I attempt dancing, I do it thinking that I look just like him. I will dedicate a future post to Piper and the many songs he made instantly recognizable hits in Colombia.

The band members in the video look so formal and serious, but don’t be fooled. Back then, they were just camera shy, they’re ALL having a great time. Enjoy it!


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