More Colombians Adopting From Colombia

The new report also shows some interesting trends in Colombians Adopting From Colombia.

First, some history. Back in the early 1990's, very few Colombians were adopting, and most of them were very demanding about wanting "only and infant in perfect health". In 1991, 2,893 children were placed for adoption. This number included the 1,926 placed by ICBF and the 967 placed by the Casa Privadas. At that time, ICBF placed 529 with Colombian families and 1,397 with foreign families. The Casas Privadas placed 77 with Colombian Families and 890 with foreign families.

1991 = 28% of Adoptions by ICBF were to Colombian Families
1991 = 8% of Adoptions by Casas Privadas to Colombian Families

2003 = 35% of Adoptions by ICBF were to Colombians Families
2003 = 11 % of Adoptions by Casas Privadas to Colombian Families

Later statistics combined the ICBF and Casa Privada Numbers in one single statistic. SO here are what the combined statistics look like.

1991 = 20% to Colombian Families

2003 = 24% to Colombian Families

2004 = 63% to Colombians

2007 = 38% to Colombians

2008 = 40% to Colombians

2009 = 42% to Colombians

2010 = 35% to Colombians

So far in 2011 = 37% to Colombians

It would appear that there was a positive change for Colombian children. Once ICBF implemented Hague, more Colombians began to adopt. This was due in part to changes that ICBF required of the Casas Privadas. More Colombians adopting means that more Colombian children will find parents that speak their own language, look like them, and can teach them the traditions of their culture.

What are your thoughts about this trend? I'd love to hear from you.


Anonymous said…
I love that there are more Colombian orphans being adopted by Colombians. I myself am adopted from Colombia by american parents. I was 2 years old when I was adopted and love my parents very much but as they are not Colombian I was not taught the language or culture. Now that I am adult and a mother myself I wish I knew more about my culture.

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