Tagua -- The Ivory of Colombia

Put an end to ivory poaching! Switch to TAGUA!

Tagua is a kind of plant based ivory which is derived from ivory palms in places like Colombia. It is a sustainable alternative to animal ivory because Tagua looks like animal ivory -- with a rich, creamy color. It also acts like ivory and can be carved and worked into just about anything that would traditionally be made from ivory. An additional bonus of Tagua is that when cultivated and harvested responsibly, it can also help preserve the rainforest.

Tagua is actually the seed of the ivory palm, aka the Phytelephas aequatorialis. They are found throughout the rainforests of South America, particularly on the Pacific coast of Colombia.

When, thinking of a souvenir purchase, support Tagua! For that matter, support stores in your home town that offer Tagua products -- especially if those products come fron Colombia! :)


Babyshonkey said…
Very interesting. I think Tagua will be the perfect souvenir, I will have to get some when I go to Colombia.
Colombian Mommy said…
Yes, I agree. It is kind of a feel good giving back kind of souvenir. :)
Raul C said…
Hi, is there any chance to get very large quantities of Tagua in Colombia? If so, could you please tell me who to contact!

Thank you!
Colombian Mommy said…
Raul, I am sorry, but I am not able to help you. Good luck though.
Laura S said…
I am planning to get a braclet from uncommongoods dot com for my son's spanish teacher, as a teacher appreciation gift, who is also Colombian. The pieces they carry are very colorful and not too expensive.
Colombian Mommy said…
That's great! What a good idea. I appreciate the new place to find the product.

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