Myths for Monday -- El Gritón -- The Screamer

Put your earmuffs on because today's noisy myth comes from the department of Córdoba.

El Gritón

Deep in the jungles of the department of Córdoba, there once lived a lovely indigenous woman. Unfortunately, this poor woman committed some crime (unnamed) that caused her to be expelled from her tribe. Alone, she roamed the jungle. Then, one day she was shocked to run into someone else in the jungle. The person caused her to shake in fear as a feeling of horrible terror gripped her and she froze in place. The stranger, who proceeded to attack her, was the devil himself. The result of the attack was a child -- half human, half devil. His name is El Gritón -- The Screamer.

He is so named because his horrific scream pulls the trees from their roots, makes the earth shake, and causes the rivers to heave beyond their boundaries. Anyone unfortunate enough to hear the scream will also freeze in place, often losing consciousness. Upon awaking, the Gritón is gone, but the fear remains.

So, BEWARE, and do not walk through the jungles of Córdoba at night.


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