Baby Abandoned

Report from yesterday's newspaper "El Tiempo":

"A hermaphrodite child was abandoned at a hospital in Chinchiná, Caldas. According to personnel from the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) at the Risaralda regional office, the child was born a month and a half ago and suffers from multiple complications.

She has already been operated on in order to define her gender, however, she is still receiving oxygen and is using a feeding tube.

The ICBF psychologist in charge of the case stated that the child was registered with the name María José. Her mother was a sex worker in the area and has already manifested her desire to place the baby for adoption because she cannot take responsibility for the child.

As a measure for the reestablishment of the child's rights, she in now under the care of a foster mother who has been receiving training as to how to care for the child when she leaves the hospital."

Clearly, if María José eventually receives a declaration of adoptability in the next few months, she will be added to the list of over 8,000 children that are available for adoption, but have some sort of special need. Is there a reader of this blog that would consider adopting a child like María José?


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