Myths for Monday -- El encanto de la ciénega de Pajaral

In the Department of Sucre, you will find several swamps. Among them is the Pajaral swamp. It is known as the Enchanted Swamp.

See it on a map here:

In the rainy summers, the waters of the swamp become deep and turbulent. On those hot, wet summer days. Strange things have reportedly happened in the Enchanted Swamp.

First, years ago, in the waters of the swamp, there would appear a giant catfish. It was so large, that to catch it became the goal of many a fisherman. In fact, men came from all over for a chance to catch the giant fish. But, no one could harpoon it. Even a well aimed harpoon would be deflected. The fish was thought to be enchanted.

Next, one particular August, years ago, both a cow and a pig were seen standing in the middle of the swamp, as if they were dry land and not in the middle of a deep swamp.

Finally, a man by the name of Joselito Álvarez, swears that while fishing in the swamp early one morning, he heard the sound of someone else casting in their net. When he turned to see who else was in the swamp, he saw only a human skeleton standing near him. He became so afraid that he began to run and got lost in the swamp. He was lost for two days before he was found walking around in a daze.


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