TUNES FOR TUESDAY - A La Memoria del Muerto

When Fuentes released Fruko's second album, A La Memoria del Muerto (In Memoriam), in 1972, the lead singer was Edulfamid Molina Diaz. A tall, skinny man, Edulfamid became known for his great voice, reminiscent of the best Cuban singers, and for his peculiar dancing style. He would forever be remembered as Piper Pimienta.

He sang many of Fruko's Salsa hits, and was part of several different bands. Ironically, the words he sang in the title song of A La Memoria del Muerto would be used during his own funeral. Tragedy had been chasing him around Colombia. In the 80s his son was killed during a shooting, and in 1991 his house went up in flames with all his music inside forcing him to cancel concerts. In June 1998, Piper was assassinated in front of his home in Cali. He had just won a civil lawsuit over royalties.

But, as he sang: "On the day I die, I don't want cryings or rosaries. . . I just want my friends to dance in my memory. . . ."

So here it is,

A La Memoria del Muerto by Fruko y Sus Tesos. Piper Pimienta on vocals:


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