Wednesday's Wonders: Caldo de Papas

In Santander, as well as in other departments, this breakfast treat is very popular. Give it a try.

Caldo de Papas

Step #1 --Place the following ingredients in a pot.

8 cups water
3-4 whole green onions with the roots and green stem chopped off

AND one or the other of the following:

3-4 ribs with rib meat OR 3-4 chicken legs with skin.

Step #2 -- BOIL these three ingredients until you have a great broth. Remove the meat/bones (use these in another recipe as typically the meat is not served with the soup).

Step #3 -- ADD:

Several peeled potatoes sliced in 4-6 lengthwise slices. (I prefer Yukon Gold which when peeled are about fist size – in this case I add about 5 potatoes).

1 teaspoon of salt -- or salt to taste

Step #4 -- BOIL until the potatoes are soft and begin to disintegrate. Add more salt if necessary.

Step #5 -- SEPARATELY, mix about

1 teaspoon of FINELY chopped green onion with
½ teaspoon of FINELY chopped cilantro

for each serving bowl you plan to fill with the Potato Broth. Place the onion cilantro mixture in the bottom of each individual serving bowl and then serve the broth and a few potatoes in each bowl.

DELICIOUS! This is one of my favorite Colombian breakfasts.


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