Wednesday's Wonders: Pandebono

Pandebono just screams Valle del Cauca!! It is a delicious cheese bread, but ever so hard to get right here in the U.S. I have tried several internet recipes to no avail. However, I did find one that I like. Well, it is an acceptable approximation, even Colombian Daddy approved. I refer you the the following website for the recipe. However, please not that while the title of the blog is My Colombian Recipes, a lot of the recipes are not Colombian. I also haven't tried many of the recipes, so I can't vouch for their authenticity. I think the key to this recipe is the Feta cheese -- just enough, not too much.


Rebecca said…
We had pandebono during our stay in Sincelejo. It is good!
Have you tried pan de yuca? I'm not sure where you live but up here there is a Latin store where you can buy the pre-mix, you just add cheese and water. Delicious!!

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