Corruption Resolved?

A few days ago, Colombian Daddy and I were talking about growth and prosperity in Colombia. Out of no where, CD says, "You no what is holding Colombia back?" "What?" I responded. "the incredible amount of corruption that permeates the government."

Fast Forward.

This past week, Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos announced MAJOR REFORMS to the government. These reforms have as their purpose, "Creating a more efficient, transparent State." IE Consolidate and eliminate waste -- change name, change image.

He eliminated the Colombian DAS (think the FBI of Colombia). But, it has been replaced with a new title Dirección Nacional de Inteligencia (DNI) which will be in charge of intelligence and counter intelligence exclusively as immigration will now fall to the Unidad Migracion Colombia (UMC) which is part of cancilleria and is administered by the Executive branch.

There are a legion of changes, but perhaps the one that would be most interesting to adoptive parents is the change in ICBF. ICBF has been its own ministerial position. ICBF is in charge of more than just adoptions, they have responsibility for the health and welfare of all Colombian citizens. They have feeding and care programs for children in families. They are responsible to investigate, prosecute abuse and abandonment of children ensuring that their legal rights are restored. They have programs for seniors. They have parenting classes and nutrition programs.

One of the changes proposed by Santos is the dissolution of the Ministerial position of ICBF, rather, ICBF will now be under a new umbrella with several other former positions. The new department will be the Administrative Department of Social Prosperity and Inclusion. ICBF, as well as the Council for prosperity, Housing, and the Victims Unit will now all be a part of this new National Agency. The director of the agency is Bruce McMaster.

As a result of these changes, the Director of ICBF, Elvira Forero, resigned. She will be replaced with Diego Molano.

FYI, the director of ICBF has as subdirectorate in charge of the issues related to adoption. This is called the Office of Protection. In that Office are three subdirectorates: subdirector of protection (think Family Advocates), subdirector of legal prosecution, and subdirector of adoptions. Because of the layers of adiministration that are above the adoptions unit, and the requirements of the current laws in Colombia, it is likely that no changes in adoptions will occur. What remains to be seen is whether or not the new ICBF director will institute any changes, either way any changes will be far down the road in the future.


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