Abandoned Child -- News from Colombia

This week in the town of Villagarzón, in the Department of Putumayo, a 13 month old child was found abandoned on the doorstep of a home in the San Carlos residential area.

According to the Police, the child was found with a note which stated that the child's parents were both adolescents and the mother younger than 15 years old. The mother had not received support from the child's father nor from her own family. It stated that she was suffering from economic problems and she could no longer care for the child.

The note also stated that it was the mother's desire for the homeowner to take responsibility for the child.

Instead, the homeowner called the police when, from her window, she saw a small child on the street screaming.

The child, who was reported to have been in good health, was left at the disposition of ICBF.


AmyB said…
Thanks so much for sharing.....although it truly breaks my heart! And stirs up even more longing for kids (we're now almost 2 years 9 months on the waiting list....). There are so many kids who need families, to know they are loved, safe, wanted.
Thanks again for all you share on your blog!
Colombian Mommy said…
Thanks Amy! I appreciate comments! Sometimes I wonder if anyone is even still reading this!
Jodie said…
We read your blog all the time and even did a baby Ano Viejo this year using your description! I just don't usually post comments. We have been home since Sept with our 5 yr old Colombian daughter we adopted from ICBF's waiting child list. She is AMAZING and we are SO BLESSED!
Colombian Mommy said…
I went to your blog! I love the burning old man:) Thank you for your comment and we are very happy for your family.
Margrét said…
I want to tell you that I read your blog many times a week. When I want to see old waiting lists to see how it has moved and so on.
We have been waiting for 2 years and 7 months on the waiting list after adopting a child from Colombia.
Best regards from Iceland ;)
Colombian Mommy said…

I am so glad that adoptive families in Iceland find this blog useful. What age range child are you waiting for?

For the old wait lists, look to the right of the screen, there is a topic called ICBF Wait List you will be able to see them all for the last few years.

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