ICBF Show # of Waiting Families Per Year

ICBF has just published its 2011 year end Adoption Statistics Report. I thought I would start with a look at the number of families on the waiting list. While this report does not show the number of families waiting for each age group, it does show how many families are on the wait list for each approval year.

According to the report, there are 127 COLOMBIAN families (down from 151 last year) waiting for referrals. While there are 2,723 (down over 200 from last year) foreign families who are also waiting. Below is the graph that shows how many foreign families are left on the waiting list from each of the last 5 years.


Ed Lebert said…
I hope the wait for a referral is not too long. However, I'd like to offer an alternative to those looking to adopt: there are thousands of Colombian kids who are waiting for a family right now, but are not chosen because they are older, or they have brothers or sisters, or they have medical problems. They are currently in orphanages or foster homes and are called "waiting children", because they are waiting for a family to take a chance on them. It will probably be harder than adopting a healthy baby, but many of these kids feel they have no hope of every having a family.
Colombian Mommy said…
Ed, Thank you for your comment. You'll be excited to see the graphic showing the increase in Special Needs Adoption. :) That will be coming soon! BTW, I still check in on your blog. Your kids look great!
Jodie said…
I completely agree Ed! We are blessed with our daughter beyond words and she was on the Special Needs Adoption list, it breaks my heart that these amazing kids have to wait so long for a family and in the same token, families are waiting years for a referral. I understand that Special needs adoptions are not the path for every family, I just wish more families were open to at least considering these beautiful kids....

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