Tunes for Tuesday -- Fatiniza

When I was little, I loved the Muppet Movie. It was the early days of VHS, so I watched it dozens of times. I think I had the whole thing memorized. In one part, Gonzo the Great tells Fozzie Bear that he wants to “...go to Bombay India” so that he can become a movie star. Fozzie proceeds to tell him that, “You don't go to Bombay go where we're going...Hollywood.” Gonzo replies, “Sure, if you want to do it the easy way!”

Today's singer for our Tunes for Tuesday spotlight is a little like Gonzo. Born in Bucaramanga, Colombia, FATINIZA moved to Dubai. In Dubai, she has become a superstar. Her debut album garnered “Best Local Artist” Award nominations for Dubai in 2010 and 2011. She performed at the Formula 1 Grand Prix finals in Abu Dhabi. She has performed for the rulers of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai.

So, now that you are a star in the Arab world, what do you do? You try to conquer your native turf – COLOMBIA. [Do you get the Gonzo connection?]

After her success abroad, Fatiniza returned home to sign with a Colombian record label and then release her first album in Colombia, and I say ... NOT BAD! Give Fatiniza a try!

In Spanish:

In English:


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