Get Ready For National Recycler Day

According to Law 511 from 1999, March 1st is National Recycler Day in Colombia. Note, I did not say National RecycLING Day. Nope, this day is dedicated to the people who perform some of the hardest, dirtiest work in Colombia [see yesterday's post].

While the law lets each department and city decide how to best celebrate this day, they are required by law to offer the “Condecoración del Reciclador” -- Recycler of the Year award each year. This award is to be given to the person in their community who has most "distinguished him or herself in the collection of recyclable materials so that they may be treated and reused."

One of last year's National winner: Jaime Henao Gómez M

"All of his working life he has worked as a recycler thus contributing to the betterment of the environment and the quality of life in the community."


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