One Family's Return Trip: Casa de la Moneda and Botero Museum

Just one block East of the Centro Cultural García Márquez is the museum complex housing the Casa de la Moneda and the Museo Botero. The Casa de Moneda celebrates the Monetary hisotry of the country. You will see a coin collection that covers the entire history of the country. You can ask the guards or your guide to give you a collectable coin that is minted just for visitors to the museum.
You will also see this Pirate Treasure chest, courtesy of Sir Francis Drake. Again, what boy wouldn't love to see a real live pirate treasure chest. This was a huge hit, though the photographer needs a lesson! As you walk through the building, you also will eventually hook up with the Museo Botero. A great place to see some amazing pictures from the famous Colombian artist.
Both Museums are free to the public.


Susan Walker said…
We just made our first return trip to Colombia after adopting our son 15 years ago. We read and re-read your Bogota for Beginners posts and they helped make our trip a wonderful success. Thank you for all the great information.

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