Changing Your Adopted Child's Name

NAME CHANGES: So, I decided to investigate Colombian law on name changes. I wanted to be clear on when it is ok for the kids to change their names. The law governing name changes is found in the: Ley 1098 de 2006 - Código de la Infancia y la Adolescencia Articulo 64 #3. [Law 1098 from 2006 - Infant and Adolescent Code Article 64 #3]. This is what is states in Spanish: El adoptivo llevará como apellidos los de los adoptantes. En cuanto al nombre, sólo podrá ser modificado cuando el adoptado sea menor de tres (3) años, o consienta en ello, o el Juez encontrare justificadas las razones de su cambio. The Translation: The adoptee will carry the surnames of the adoptive parents. With respect to the name, it can only be modified when the adoptee is younger than 3 years of age, or consents to the same, or the Judge finds justifiable reasons for a change. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? This helped me understand why a letter from the child is required, in which the child expresses their desire

Colombian Culture, Colombia Adoption and Raising Colombian Kids: Where is the Happiest Place on Earth?

Colombian Culture, Colombia Adoption and Raising Colombian Kids: Where is the Happiest Place on Earth?

Where is the Happiest Place on Earth?

Could it possibly Colombia?


It has been quite a while since I have posted, but I am so proud of Colombian Cycling I just wanted to share. In the Giro d'Italia, one of cycling's most important races -- behind the Tour de France -- COLOMBIANS TOOK FIRST AND SECOND PLACE! And they won the King of the Mountain. 3 different Colombians! AWESOME!!! ">

The New El Dorado Airport

WOW!!  Forget everything I ever mentioned about traveling into Bogota via the El Dorado Airport.  Everything has changed.  Just a few months ago, there was a grand opening, and in December, our family got to experience it first hand.  New! Sleek ! Modern! and dare I say it -- EFFICIENT!  Your arrival in Bogota will now be easy.  Even immigration -- on Christmas Day -- went smoothly and quickly.  You get off the plane, go to immigration, wait in any number of short lines, check in, get your passport stamp and head to real luggage carrousels.  Amazing!!  Even the ADUANA  (aka customs) was a breeze.  NO more stop light, just hand them your form and you are off.  Finally, WELCOME TO COLOMBIA!!!!!!

Preparing for Another Visit to Colombia

I reviewed my notes from the blog posts I made 2 1/2 years ago and found them to be very helpful while preparing for this trip.  Here is a link: Here is another thing that I an remembering to bring this time -- BUG REPELLENT.  I am the flea banquet person, so this year I will be wearing lemon eucalyptus repellent every day in hopes of preventing those painfully itchy bites.

Christmas Traditions in Colombia

Don't forget to check out the posts from December for the last three years, you will find a host of ideas for celebrating a Colombian Christmas.  Also, you can look forward to more posts on One Family's Return Trip 2 in the coming month.