In the beginning.....

I am a long time member of Colombian Adoption list serves and forums. I am also the adoptive mother of 2 little Colombians and the wife of yet another Colombian.

I felt concerned that while the blogs are full of information about individuals who are adopting from Colombia, there are no blogs -- here or on that talk about Colombia and Colombian adoption in general.

I am hoping to provide this service. I would like to make it a place where people can find answers to adoption questions as well as learn about the culture, the country, the language, the cuisine, etc. I am hoping to post informative pieces as well as fun and humorous ones. Feel free to comment and add your 2 cents and suggestions for articles. I will also be reposting somethings I have written on the forums -- so don't freak out if they seem familiar.

Thank you for your support

Your Friend, The Colombian Mommy


Paula said…
Querida Melinda: Me encanto la idea, es excelente!!! Mil gracias por la creación de este blog
jsm said…
Thank you. I have just found your blog and am finding it so, so helpful.

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