Adoption Photo Contest

As part of Joint Council's National Adoption Month Celebration, has announced their First Annual Photo Contest entitled Embracing Change: The Many Faces of the Forever Family.

The photo contest is intended to show the many types of forever families.

There are six categories of entry: intercountry adoption, domestic adoption, foster-adoption, kinship care, family preservation and Embracing Change: The Many Faces of the Forever Family.

Joint Council will begin accepting photos for the contest on November 17th, National Adoption Day. Photos will accepted until December 31st, 2008.

A selection of photos entered, including the winners, will be shown at Joint Council's Annual Conference, From Baby Steps to Giant Leaps: Embracing Change to Find Families for Vulnerable Children.

So get out your cameras and send your favorite family photos to show them the Many Faces of the Forever COLOMBIAN Family!

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