Muisca Indingenous Names from Bacatá (Bogotá)

The mortal enemy of the Zaque in Hunza (Tunja) was the ZIPA in BACATÁ (Bogotá). There had been war after war between the two groups. Understanding the warlike nature of the relationship between these two groups is important in understanding an incredible experience that happened just prior to the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores.

Name: TISQUESUSA (tees kay SUE sah)

The Story:

TISQUESUSA came to power following the death of his uncle, NEMEQUENE, in 1514. He continued the wars with QUEMUENCHATOCHA (the Zaque of Hunza) that his uncle had started. Eventually, Tisquesusa was able to achieve an uneasy peace with the Zaque. In spite of the peace, the animosity between the two groups continued. Finally, Tisquesusa began to make preparations to again go to war against the Zaque.

This sets the stage for an interesting experience. It happened while Tisquesusa was sleeping. He dreamed a dream that disturbed him greatly. In his dream, he was bathing at his summer home in Tena when all of the sudden the water in which he was bathing turned to blood.

Awakening from the dream, he felt very afraid. He called all of his jeques (religious leaders) together and asked them to interpret the dream. The jeques responded that the dream meant that the ZIPA would bathe in the blood of the Zaque. Tisquesusa was very happy with this interpretation of his dream. He showered gifts on the jeques – blankets and jewels.

However, one jeque, the jeque of Ubaqué, named POPÓN, had a very different interpretation for the dream. Yet, he was afraid to confront Tisquesusa, knowing that his interpretation of the dream would not make him happy. So, Popón left and began his journey home. On his way, he met three of the prominent men in the community walking toward Bacatá. He told them to give the following message to the Zipa:

“Tell the Zipa that the dream does not mean that he will bathe himself in the blood of Hunza, but rather it will be his own blood. That men from distant lands are coming, even now, to this land, and they will kill him.”

Shortly after Popón predicted it, the Spanish arrived.

To make a long story a bit shorter, Tisquesusa, did in fact meet his end at the hands of the Spanish Conquistadores. He was shot with an arrow from a crossbow, despite having fled the Bacatá valley (for the mountains near Facatativá) in hopes of avoiding the fate that Popón had predicted.

Other Famous Musica Names from Bogotá (Bacatá):

Saquesazipa or Saguipa


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