Personal Episode of Fear Factor -- Hormigas Culonas

The original inhabitants of Santander were the Guanes. The Guanes spoke a Chibcha dialect, but were very different in appearance from the Chibchas of the Altiplano. The Spanish reported that they looked almost European with light skin and some with fair hair. About a decade ago, 2 Guane mummies were found and research on them established that, in fact, the Guanes appeared to be more Caucasian-like.

One unique culinary tradition of the Guanes survives today and is alive and well in Santander. It is the tradition of eating HORMIGAS CULONAS (big-ass ants), which actually served the Guanes as a source of protein.

These leaf-cutter ants have large abdomens and are roasted and salted before eaten. They have a crunchy texture and taste like acidic nuts.

While this may sound like an offering for an episode of Fear Factor, in reality it is common fare for the people of Santander.

Apparently, an enterprising group has packaged them and they are for sale online:

worth a purchase if you are the adventurous type, or as a surprise for your little one(s) born in Santander.

Oh, and by the way, they are considered an Aphrodisiac.

* Photo by William Fernando Martínez


Sorry, but eating insects is going to be pretty much where I draw the line for the "cultural" experience. Hope they don't have some special "edible bug" where our kids come from!! ;-)

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