Granadilla -- 2nd type of Passion fruit

When a baby starts eating solid foods here in the US, the first fruit is often pureed apples or pears. In Colombia, kids get GRANADILLA. In fact, just a few months ago, I got an e-mail from one of our readers who had just received her referral documents. In them, it stated that the 6 month old baby loved granadilla. My own son, adopted at 21 1/2 months, loved granadilla.

Though this fruit is part of the passion fruit family, it is not acidic like other passion fruits. It is mild and sweet. As with all passion fruits, what you eat are the seeds. The seeds come surrounded in a slimy, semi transparent gelatin-like pouch. The juice is prepared by taking all the seed pouches and mashing them in a strainer. The juice comes out the other side and the kids drink it.

The juice is high in vitamins A,C, and K. As with other passion fruits, calcium, phosphorus and iron are its main mineral contributions.

Remember, granadilla can often be a life saver when your new child is having problems eating. Few Colombian children can resist a cup of this fruit.


Kit said…
I'm 25 and I can hardly resist a cup of this fruit. One of my favorite things about Colombia is the produce, and when I found this gem of a snack I ate at least one every day. Thanks for this wonderful reminder of the good eats in Colombia :)
Anonymous said…
I love, love, love Granadillas.

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