Adoption Statistics -- Wait List

With their latest statistical report ICBF also shed some light on the number of families that are currently waiting for a referral. It is not particularly helpful as there is no break down as to how many families wait in each age group, however, you will note that there are a lot of potential adoptive families waiting with you.

As of April 31, 2010, there are:

217 --- Colombian families waiting for a referral
3,350 - Foreign families waiting for a referral

Total: 3, 567 families waiting

The following information helps you to see how long the wait can be. Remember, the wait starts from the time your application to ICBF is APPROVED and NOT the day you submitted it to ICBF for approval.

There are many families waiting for referrals.

Approved in Year:
2005 -----21 families still waiting for a referral
2006 -----298 families still waiting for a referral
2007 -----749 families still waiting for a referral
2008 -----1,036 families still waiting for a referral
2009 -----968 families still waiting for a referral
2010 -----278 families just starting to wait for a referral

If you cross reference this with the latest ICBF Wait List, you will see that the only age ranges waiting for a referral in 2005 are those families waiting for a 2 year old or a 4 year old. These seem to be the slowest age ranges, followed closely by the 3 year old. WHY?? When a child is abandoned, it usually happens within the first year of life. These children usually work their way through the system and are declared abandoned before they turn 2. Children who are slightly older are usually taken from their home, and so there are fewer of them. Also, many children, by the time they are 3 or 4 have additional siblings, thereby reducing the number of single older toddlers and preschoolers available for adoption.


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