Friends of Colombian Orphans

Beginning TODAY, there is a huge contest that can help charities earn lots of cash prizes, and FRIENDS OF COLOMBIAN ORPHANS has registered for it.

Unfortunately, they are listed as COLOMBIAN ORPHANAGES in Austin Texas 78703.

The rewards for charities are huge: the smallest prize is $20,000 which would give FOCO a lot more time to make the knitting project self-sustaining. Friends on Facebook are eligible to take part in this month-long contest.

We need to rally the troops. This is a big opportunity to help FOCO.

If you remember, they won the ebay contest last year, thanks to all of you. So, if you can find it in your heart to spend time on this one, it would mean a lot to the girls at the orphanages in Colombia.
Here is how you vote for Friends of Colombian Orphans and other worthy charities

1. You must have a Facebook account.

2. From Facebook, go to Chase Community Giving. Click on either "like" or "access." This is how you register to vote.

3. You have 20 'original' votes and you can only vote one time for a specific charity with an original vote. Please vote for COLOMBIAN ORPHANAGES in Austin, TX

4. After you vote for 5 different charities, you will get the ability to send someone who also has a Facebook account a 'gift vote.' The recipient can cast that gift vote for whomever, including a charity already voted for. As I understand this process, it is possible to cast one original vote and one gift vote for COLOMBIAN ORPHANAGES per Facebook account, for a total of 2 votes.

5. After you cast your 20 original votes, you will get an additional gift vote. Please send that to someone else who didn't get your first gift so the second recipient can also vote for Colombian Orphanages.

6. There are a lot of wonderful charities that are doing parallel work in Colombia like FOCO. Please consider voting for the following:
TEACHING HOPE Fairfax, Virginia

7. Please feel free to send this to your favorite charity and ask its members to vote for Colombian Orphanages. The top 20 vote getters get substantial grants from Chase Community Giving.


Jane King said…
Thank you for posting. We are still in the running for this. Thank you to any of your readers who have participated. I am so grateful. $20,000 will keep the knitting program going for 16 months, and will get us closer to self-sustainability.

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