One Family's Return Trip: Bus Etiquette #3

On just about any bus, at any time of day, you may well see someone get on with a guitar, accordeón, or radio. Sometimes, a whole band will get on the bus. The performers will typically begin to play and sing, with the hope that you will give up some coins in return. These performers, often called CANTANTES (singers) or MUSICOS (musicians), not only perform on buses, but also on the street and in parks. For most, performing is their livelihood. It would be wise to keep a few coins in an easily accessible pocket to help support these performers. We plan on giving our boys some of their own coins so that they can decide which performers to share their money with.
The CANTANTES perform all genres of music -- Rap, Vallenato, Rock, Folkloric, Salsa, even Opera. Here is a video collection of bus performers in Colombia.






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