One Family's Return Trip: Goodbye and Hello

The hardest part of the trip is saying 'goodbye.' Months of planning just come to an abrupt end. My husband's family, however, knows how to send you off in style. Not with some whippy BBQ, no. This party comes complete with entertainment.

They call it Noche de Hogar "Home Evening". This one started with a discussion about the importance of being a family, being there for each other, and working to stay united forever. It was awesome to be included, we aren't just the gringo relatives, we are part of the family -- albeit a part they don't see too often, but a part of the family nonetheless. Promises of e-mail, pictures, and Facebook messages were made.

Following the lesson, out came the food -- Abuelita Carmen's Famous Empanadas. Recipe here:
This was followed by a talent show -- who knew the sobrinos (nieces and nephews) were such great musicians. My 10 year old niece presented a song she had written, accompanied on the guitar by my 8 year old nephew and 20 something year old nephew. It all ended in a major sing along. I even sang "Yesterday" by the Beatles.

The following morning it was off to Bogota for a week visiting museums and other attractions. Stay tuned!! Goodbye Sogamoso!! Hello Bogota!!


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