La Novena

Since Colombia is primarily a Catholic country. Tonight marks the start of the NOVENA, a Catholic tradition. The NOVENA lasts 9 nights -- until Christmas Eve. Not being Catholic myself, I am a bit foggy on all the details and maybe one of my readers could fill in some information in the COMMENTS section. I did, however, find this interesting link on that seems to indicate which prayers are to be said on each of the nine nights (In Spanish).

Included in many family Novenas will be the singing of Christmas Carols or Villancicos. So, in addition to the ones mentioned yesterday, you can learn this one.

Anton Tiruliru liru

Here are the lyrics to Anton Tiruliru liru:

Anton tiruliru liru
Antón tiruliru ra
Jesús al pesebre
vamos a adorar

Duérmete niño chiquito
Que la noche viene ya
Cierra pronto tus ojitos
Que el viento te arrullara


Duérmete niño chiquito
Que tu madre velará
Cierra pronto tus ojitos
Por que la entristecerás


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