Most Common Last Names in Colombia

According to the Registraduria Nacional del Estado Civil in Colombia, the most common last names in Colombia in 2010 were the following.

  1. Rodríguez
  2. Gómez
  3. González
  4. Martínez
  5. García
  6. López
  7. Hernández
  8. Sánchez
  9. Ramírez
  10. Pérez
  11. Días
  12. Muñoz
  13. Rojas
  14. Moreno
  15. Jiménez
While this is a list that covers all of Colombia, there are some regional differences. In Antioquia, the last names Restrepo, Zapata y Álvarez are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th most common names and Montoya 8th, while they are not even in the top 10 in Bogotá, Cali or Barranquilla. The last name Castro is the 10th most popular last name in Barranquilla, however, is it not in the top ten of any other major city's list. Additionally, in Cali, the last name Valencia is in 7th place, while it also does not appear on any other city's list.


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