Most Popular Female Baby Names in Colombia -- 2000-2010

For those of you expecting Colombian Daddy's Tunes for Tuesday, you'll have to wait another week. Colombian Daddy will be back next week with his pick #3 for Tunes Most Colombians Will Recognize. For now, enjoy the next entry in our Most Popular Names in Colombia Series. Today, the most popular Female Names from 2000 - 2010, according to the Registraduria Nacional.

Here are the names that are en vogue in Colombia for little girls.
  1. Valentina
  2. Mariana
  3. Daniela
  4. Natalia
  5. Valeria
  6. Isabella
  7. Sofia
  8. Manuela
  9. Juliana
  10. Alejandra
Here are the top 10 combined names.
  1. Laura Valentina
  2. Maria Camila
  3. María José
  4. María Fernanda
  5. María Alejandra
  6. Paula Andrea
  7. Ana María
  8. Luisa Fernanda
  9. Laura Sofia
  10. María Paula


Anonymous said…
That was a really nice post. Wondering what our child`s name is going to be and there are so many nice names!!
Hoping u will post about boys tomorrow.
Colombian Mommy said…
Yep! Boys on tap for tomorrow.

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