David Sánchez Juliao

This week a well-know Colombian author, David Sánchez Juliao, died in Bogotá. He was the author of numerous short stories, children's books, and novels.

His most famous novels include 'Mi sangre aunque plebeya' (My blood even though it is plebeian) and 'Pero sigo siendo el rey' (But I am still the king). The second was the winner of the Premio Nacional de Novela Plaza (National Award for Short Novels), and was later adapted into a television program in the late 1980's.

Here is a link to his children's books. You can read some and portions of others.

He also was a pioneer in using audio books with his most famous being 'El Pachanga' and 'El Flecha'.

In addition to his writing, he served as the Colombian embassador to India and Egypt.


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