Alt. Latino Goes to Colombia

Sunday morning, while preparing breakfast and listening to NPR, I heard music to my ears. Could it be? Were they really talking about one of my favorite topics? Yes, indeed! Colombian Music :)

Alt.Latino is NPR's new show and blog about Latin Alternative music and Rock in Spanish, and they recently made a trip to COLOMBIA to check out the amazing music of my favorite foreign land.

Here is a link to the radio show broadcast:

The Alt. Latino crowd went with the PBS show Music Voyager to Colombia. You can link to their report here -- but scroll down to the bottom to see Colombia Part 1 and Part 2. You can find out when the show will be aired on your local PBS station on the same site. You can also purchase the music you hear on the show from a link they have:

Below is a bonus post to give you a taste of the show which will air on PBS in the coming weeks. It features the group that Colombian Daddy spoke about yesterday -- Aterciopelados.


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