How Many Families are Waiting

Yesterday, ICBF published its latest Adoption Statistics Report. Today, I want to focus on the number of families on the waiting list. Unfortunately, the report does not divide those waiting into the age group they are waiting for, but it does show how many families are left in each year.

According to the report, there are 151 COLOMBIAN families waiting for referrals. While there are 2,984 foreign families who are also waiting. Below is the graph that shows how many foreign families are left on the waiting list for each of the last 5 years.


Ed Lebert said…
Excellent! Maybe those families aren't aware that there are thousands upon thousands of waiting children, some of whom have been waiting five years or more for a loving family? All we need to do now is to get these two waiting groups together!
Colombian Mommy said…
Thanks Ed! I agree, there are many kids in need of a family. I think your family is a great example of what giving special needs kids a chance. I am including a link to your blog here so that others can read about your adventure Raising 4 Colombian Kids. BTW, congratulations on your first year together.

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