Voces de Secuestro -- Radio Program

Though much of Colombia has been more stable over the last 9 years, the reality that there is still much violence and many social problems. One of those problems is that there are still many hundreds of people being held hostage somewhere in Colombia. There is a radio program on Sunday nights that allows families to transmit messages to their loved ones being held against their will. The program, Voces de Secuestro, airs on Caracol radio. Here is a new You tube video highlighting the program:


Anonymous said…
I can't imagine the heartbreak of waiting and hoping so many years for a loved one's return. We had such a wonderful time in Colombia, it's easy to forget the real dangers that still exist. Thank you for sharing this.

Colombian Mommy said…
Thank you for your comment. This program strikes a chord with me because over 11 years ago a family friend, a police officer, was captured and held for over a year and then was killed by the FARC. I had spent an afternoon with him just a few months before his capture. He left a wife and four sons, the oldest a teenager. My heart aches for the families who are deprived of their loved ones because of this never-ending conflict.

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