Myths for Monday -- The Churumbelo

The Churumbelo area is found near Mocoa, in the department of Putumayo -- today's department. In the Churumbelo area are many waterfalls. On the highest part of one of the falls, a family from the Inga tribe left inscriptions on the rocks. The Churumbelo is legendary for the people of Mocoa. This legend gives us today's Myth for Monday.

La Leyenda Churumbelo -- The Churumbelo Legend

The legend tells of a water fall that cascades into a lagoon. At the bottom of the lagoon one can see a doll the size of a child made of solid gold. Many people have gone looking for the Chumubelo gold, but the spirit that lives there -- the god of the mountain -- makes the treasure hunters become lost or entangled in the jungle. In this way, he can't prevent them from ever being able to find the lagoon with the golden treasure.


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