Myths for Monday -- La Rodillona

In Antioquia, and the Eje Cafetero (the Coffee Growing Region) Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio (today's department) there is a myth about an old woman with big knees. Here it is:

La Rodillona (The Woman with Big Knees)

In this area lives a old, wrinkled woman. She has a long, hooked nose, grey hair, and bright, red eyes. Her most recognizable feature are her very large knees. Sometimes, she can be seen on the side of the road holding her head in her lap.

She walks the country roads looking to scare people, particularly lovers. It is said that her laugh is terrifying and devilish.

When she is not out scaring people, she helps them lose their way on dark nights.

Your only protection against the Rodillona is to have a screaming baby -- apparently this is the only thing more scary than she is. :)


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