TUNES FOR TUESDAY -- El Día de mi Suerte

Last week we discussed Hector Lavoe and his contribution to the world of Salsa. Before moving on, here is one more Lavoe song that should be a part of anyone's Salsa collection: El Día de mi Suerte -- My Lucky Day. The lyrics tell the story of a boy for whom nothing ever goes right. His mother dies leaving him alone with his father, then his father dies, he needs to work to eat, he grows up and finds himself totally alone. In spite of all of his problems, he maintains the belief that his luck will change, but Cuando Será (When will it happen)

The chorus states:

Pronto llegará el día de mi suerte
Sé que antes de mi muerte
Seguro que mi suerte cambiará.

Soon my lucky day will come,
Before I die, I am sure
That my luck will change.



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