Focus on Colombia

Last week, the PRI program, The World, reported on the Under 20 World Cup. Here is a taste of what you can hear on the report:

"Compared to the main World Cup, the U-20 is small potatoes. There’s no bidding war to host the event, which is played every two years...Still, it’s a chance for Colombia to show off. The matches will be played in Bogota and seven other cities. 500 million people around the world will watch them on TV. They’ll learn about Colombia’s natural beauty, booming economy and improved security, even as a drug-fuelled guerrilla war grinds on. Cristian Bonilla, the Colombian team’s goalkeeper, said they’re proud that so many countries are participating and so many tourists are coming.'Perhaps they will come away with a different image from what foreigners normally think about Colombia,' he said. Bonilla and his teammates will be playing for more than national pride."

You can hear or read the whole report here:


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