Foreign Families on the ICBF WAIT LIST

Yesterday we learned that there are more Colombians (living both inside Colombia and Expats) adopting form Colombia. While this is SUPER news for Colombian children, it does mean longer wait times for foreign families, though at this time only slightly because we are not talking hundreds of Colombians.

Today, let's take a look at the number of families currently on ICBF's Foreign Family Wait List. DRUMROLL PLEASE.


Here is how that 2,880 is broken down.

227 families waiting since 2007

721 families waiting since 2008

707 families waiting since 2009

745 families waiting since 2010

480 families waiting from this year.

ICBF's report does not show how many families are waiting in each age range category, though this would be helpful. It is possible, however, to look at the last posted wait list and see that all age ranges from 0-4 years 11 months had families waiting from 2007. Even those waiting for 2 siblings 0-4 and 0-5 were still in 2007 on the last published wait list in May of 2011. See it here:


Anonymous said…
ICBF has posted the list from August 2011 on their website too. It is in Spanish of course but generally legible.

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