Movement in the Wait List Categories

If you compare this new report with that from the final 2010 report, you will see that the number of families waiting has decreased and increased in the following way:


0 families from 2006 DOWN 19 families.

2007 DOWN 94 families.

2008 DOWN 43 families.

2009 DOWN 45 families.

2010 DOWN 24 families.

2011 UP 121 families.

What happens to these families? One of three things is happening.

1- The family gets a referral for the age range they requested.

2- The family leaves the list or puts their application on hold. This can happen because of pregnancy, another adoption (domestic or foreign), family issues (divorce, job loss, weariness, etc.).

3- The family changes age range or sibling category. This has been happening quite a lot in Europe. Families that have been waiting for a couple of years realize that by changing to the sibling category their referral will come faster. So, they change categories and move to near the front of the sibling list because of the length of time they have already been waiting. This is also why the sibling list has increased wait times.


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