Last week I mentioned Fuentes Records' second spin off band, The Latin Brothers. Although this band included some of the musicians from Fruko y Sus Tesos (and even Joe Arroyo once sang for it), it was led by Piper Pimienta. Piper's unmistakable voice and the sound of Luis "Tomate" Mesa on piano are the band's trademarks. The song Buscandote (Looking For You) is from Latin Brothers' second album, Dale al Bombo (Hit that drum), released in 1975.

Here is a performance by the band, including lead singer Piper Pimienta (and some goofy dancers):

Buscandote by The Latin Brothers



Anonymous said…
I really like this song but I LOVE the groovy dancers!!
Diana Pilana said…
Damn, I thought my father had some goofy dance moves pero esos tipos got him beat!

Just found your blog about a month ago and I thoroughly enjoy every post. As a daughter of two Colombians, I love to reminisce about old stories told to my brother and I by my parents and all the music of my youth. I am now sharing this blog with my two daughters, my two half-Colombianitas.

Thank you and keep on blogging! Que Dios te bendiga!
These moves will help my little dance performers as well. I wish my students perform the same.

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