As many of you know, Tunes for Tuesdays is the section of this blog where we discuss music and artists from Colombia. Also, those (both) of you who faithfully read my entries have probably figured out that my section actually appears on most Tuesdays, that occasionally we talk about music and artists that have little to do with Colombia, and that for some time now we have been discussing the history of Salsa music. If you are new to the blog, by click on the Tunes for Tuesdays link and read a few entries to help you catch up.

Now, I finally have an excuse to introduce one of my favorite non-Colombian Salsa songs. Around the mid 1970s, Fruko y Sus Tesos had become the Colombian powerhouse of the genre, but they faced some serious competition from several talented foreign artists. Indeed, in its desire to outdo its rivals, Fuentes Music would spin off another great band, The Latin Brothers. But more on them later because what this entry is about a competitor from Venezuela.

In 1975, Oscar D'León (or De León) released the song that would forever identify him, Llorarás (You Will Cry). Lyrics and all, I think this one of the best instrumentally crafted Salsa songs ever. The percussion and the piano grab you at the outset and D'Leon's unmatched voice keeps you listening. The lyrics are just the garden variety "girl, you will suffer because you made me suffer" Latin romantic stuff. But even with that, this is a great song, and one that is well known and recognized in Colombia as a Salsa classic.

Llorarás by Oscar D'León


Here's Live :


Lili said…
That is a great song. I have followed your post on Tuesdays and it is very educational. I have learned a lot about the evolution of salsa, and now I am hooked so, I created a playlist with all my favorites and that's what I listen to in my free time.Why don't you write about vallenato? After all it's very Colombian.



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