Whatever happens, don't let the kid get cold!!

Having lived in a city with sub-zero temperatures, it is hard to imagine why temperatures in the 40s or 50s could possibly be so frightening. However, in Colombia they are -- especially for children. I am pretty sure that is has something to do with El Sereno.

(For a more detailed explanantion of this phenomenon, please read Colombian Daddy's post: http://raisingcolombiankids.blogspot.com/2010/05/el-sereno-or-el-chiflon.html)

Anyway, while in Colombia, be prepared to receive your child bundled in multiple layers. Also be prepared for the myriad of critical looks and comments you might receive if you later take said child out in what we more cold-hearty folk would consider weather appropriate clothing.

Here is another unique tidbit. Even on sunny days, the fear of getting a whiff of a cool draft will keep a child covered in plastic. I guess this has the added benefit of keeping the child sleepy in a low oxygen environment :).

Note: In the picture, the mother is enjoying a sunny, dry, warm day in her SHORT SLEEVED T-shirt. Meanwhile, somewhere under the plastic and at least 2 blankets (one yellow and one green) their is a well-bundled sleeping (and sweating) child ever so well protected from the Sereno.


Notorious MLE said…
People were driving me CRAZY about the cold in Colombia. Poor kids are sweating all the time.
Anonymous said…
What about moms wearing "Ugg boots" while they take their babies barefoot in late Fall, early Spring?? I have seen this so many times in New England.It drives me crazy!!!
Colombian mom.
Anonymous said…
I have heard about this, so interesting.

Thanks for the chuckle today: "I guess this has the added benefit of keeping the child sleepy in a low oxygen environment :)"

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